Vocational Programs


The International Import-Export Institute within Dunlap-Stone University offers college accredited courses to help individuals learn the knowledge requirements needed to prepare for various international trade industry certifications.  Learn more here.


The International Import-Export Institute has for nearly 20 years has been the leader providing accredited online training to help people prepare for the challenging  Licensed Customs Broker examination given by the US Government’s Customs & Border Protection twice each year. The school’s intense six week Broker License course has a very high success rate in preparing students to pass this important test.  Read more about our Customs Broker Preparation Course.


DSU’s International Import-Export Institute offers a wide range of accredited college certificate programs (not certifications). They range from general international trade knowledge focused, to highly technical trade compliance programs centering on export controls and regulatory trade compliance. Their scope is from entry level to senior-advanced. Those who complete the prescribed course of study are able to receive a program completion certificate. Read more about vocational, skill building certificate programs.


Dunlap-Stone University offers a six-week course of study to help individuals prepare for two important globally recognized project management industry certification examinations offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). In today’s workplace, Project management is an important skill set and knowledge base to possess and in some cases has become a requirement for employment. Read more.

Certified Associate in Project Management “CAPM®” – This certification demonstrates your understanding of the fundamental knowledge, terminology and processes of effective project management. The CAPM® is ideal for people new to project management.

Project Management Professional “PMP®” – This certification is for journeymen practitioners who have a work history using PMI project management tools and concepts.

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“Open Enrollment” Policy

All students must meet the minimum entrance requirements:  they must be over the age of 18, be a high school graduate, and if they are not a native English speaker, they must demonstrate their English competency.  Undergraduate students may take up to 12 credit hours prior to apply to and being accepted into a specific program of study.  This allows students the opportunity for students to acclimate to the classroom environment and collect any documentation.  Please see each specific program to determine the application procedures and requirements.

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