Classes Starting Soon

April 2018
TRD-306 Understanding the ITAR April 26
TRD-311 Documentation for Export Compliance April 26
TRD-319 Managing Disclosures April 26
May 2018
TRD-505 Export Fundamentals May 3
TRD-528 Trade Compliance Treaties and Guidelines May 3
HCA-172 The Modern Cannabis Industry May 3
TRD-129 Introduction to Importing May 10
SCM 127 Freight Forwarder Practices May 10
MBA 520 Organizational Behavior May 10
TRD-323 Australia: Export Controls May 10
BUS-404 Researching the Global Village May 17
HAS-151 Introduction to American Government May 17
TRD-307 Understanding the EAR May 17
TRD-320 Ethics in Trade Compliance May 17
BUS-102 Introdution to Business May 17
BUS-111 Customer Service Basics May 17
BUS-113 Topics in Contemporary Business May 17
BUS-303 International Business Ethics May 17
FAE-302 Global Finance Methods May 17
HAS-103 Critical Thinking and Analysis May 17
HAS-132 Introduction to Psychology May 17
MGT-402 Global Strategic Management May 17
SCM-125 Port Authority May 17
SCM-202 21st Century Logistics May 17
SCM-379 Warehousing Practices and Principles May 17
STM-385 Information Systems in Global Business May 17
TRD-140 Importing Duties and Regulations May 17
TRD-201 Exporting/Importing Environment May 17
TRD-325 UK: Export Controls May 24
TRD-257 Empowered Official Essentials May 24
TRD-322 NAFTA and other FTAs May 31
TRD-299 Agreements Under the ITAR May 31
TRD-307 Understanding the EAR May 31
TRD-308 Mastering ITAR Exemptions May 31
TRD-540 Management of Trade Compliance May 31
June 2018
HAS-170 Introduction to World Religions June 7
MBA-505 International Management June 7
TRD-311 Documentation for Export Compliance June 7
TRD-320 Ethics in Trade Compliance June 7
TRD-525 Auditing & Assessing Trade Compliance Processes June 7
TRD-550 MSc Thesis June 7
BUS-303 International Business Ethics June 14
TRD-143 Introduction to CTPAT June 14
TRD-214 Trade Compliance Environment 1 June 14
TRD-304 US Customs Broker Exam Prep June 14
TRD-307 Understanding the EAR June 14
MGT-390 Project Management June 21
TRD-324 Canada: Export Controls June 21
BUS-405 Global Business Plan June 28
TRD-225 Documentation for Global Village June 28
TRD-306 Understanding the ITAR June 28
TRD-532 Foreign Compliance Regimens June 28
FAE-450 International Economics June 28
BUS-118 Introduction to Business Writing June 28
BUS-401 Global Culture June 28
HAS-105 Writing Across the Curriculum June 28
MGT-135 Introduction to Leadership June 28
MGT-335 Modern Management Principles June 28
MGT-445 Competitive Human Resource Management June 28
SCM-376 Purchasing in the Global Marketplace June 28
STM-160 Statistics in Business June 28
TRD-140 Importing Duties and Regulations June 28
TRD-510 Import Trade Fundamentals June 28