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Whether through “OPEN ENROLLMENT” directly into online courses or as part of degree programs, our courses and programs are designed for busy professionals seeking practical skills and critical “best practices” knowledge needed by industry.

June 2018
TRD-324 Canada: Export Controls June 21
HAS-184 Introduction to the Short Story June 28
BUS-405 Global Business Plan June 28
TRD-225 Documentation for Global Village June 28
TRD-306 Understanding the ITAR June 28
TRD-532 Foreign Compliance Regimens June 28
FAE-450 International Economics June 28
BUS-118 Introduction to Business Writing June 28
BUS-401 Global Culture June 28
HAS-105 Writing Across the Curriculum June 28
MGT-135 Introduction to Leadership June 28
MGT-335 Modern Management Principles June 28
MGT-445 Competitive Human Resource Management June 28
SCM-376 Purchasing in the Global Marketplace June 28
STM-160 Statistics in Business June 28
TRD-140 Importing Duties and Regulations June 28
TRD-510 Import Trade Fundamentals June 28
July 2018
HAS-270 Introduction to Anthropology July 5
TRD-215 Trade Compliance Environment 2 July 5
TRD-304 US Customs Broker Exam Prep July 5
TRD-320 Ethics in Trade Compliance July 5
TRD-330 Export Compliance Audits July 5
MGT-390 Project Management July 12
TRD-308 Mastering ITAR Exemptions July 12
TRD-311 Documentation for Export Compliance July 12
TRD-321 Harmonized Tariff Schedule July 12
TRD-201 Exporting/Importing Environment July 19
TRD-320 Ethics in Trade Compliance July 19
BUS-204 Innovation and Entrepreneurship July 19
MGT-402 Global Strategic Management July 26
TRD-216 Trade Compliance Environment 3 July 26
TRD-306 Understanding the ITAR July 26
TRD-307 Understanding the EAR July 26
August 2018
TRD-257 Empowered Official Essentials August 2
TRD-505 Export Fundamentals August 2
TRD-520 Trade Compliance Special Circumstances August 2
TRD-528 Trade Compliance Treaties and Guidelines August 2
STM-175 Introduction to Earth Science August 9
TRD-141 Introduction to Incoterms (R) 2010 August 9
TRD-304 US Customs Broker Exam Prep August 9
TRD-365 Ethics in Import Compliance August 9
BUS-102 Introdution to Business August 16
BUS-111 Customer Service Basics August 16
BUS-403 Global Marketing August 16
BUS-440 Legal Environment of Business August 16
FAE-230 Business Accounting August 16
HAS-103 Critical Thinking and Analysis August 16
MGT-345 Organizational Behavior August 16
SCM-125 Port Authority August 16
SCM-379 Warehousing Practices and Principles August 16
SCM-412 Global Supply Chain Strategies August 16
STM-385 Information Systems in Global Business August 16
TRD-201 Exporting/Importing Environment August 16
TRD-307 Understanding the EAR August 16
TRD-311 Documentation for Export Compliance August 16
TRD-320 Ethics in Trade Compliance August 23
STM-108 Mathematics Fundamentals August 23
HAS-191 Introduction to Theatre History August 23
TRD-317 Introduction to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act August 30