Financial Aid

Dunlap-Stone University does not participate in the U.S. Government’s Title IV (Federal Student Financial Aid) program. We are not currently able to assist degree-seeking students to defer loans made at other schools while attending DSU.

State Aid Programs

Arizona – DSU is approved by the AZHEAT Program as a licensed educator and training center. This means that Arizona residents can apply for tuition and fees assistance through this Workforce Development Program.

Please visit the AZ H.E.A.T. (Helping Everyone Access Training) Website for more information.

Georgia – DSU is approved for the Georgia Workforce Development Assistance program.

New Jersey- Office of the Bursar

Students or companies inquiring on a student financial matter should contact the Office of the Bursar. This includes both financial aid recipients and students not receiving any aid, as well as corporate or employer tuition reimbursement resources.