Dunlap-Stone University’s (DSU) degree programs are particularly well suited for employees of organizations that provide education benefits such as employee reimbursement or education vouchers. During the recession, many organizations cut-back or limited their educational benefits programs to degrees that are strategically important or vitally relevant to the employee’s job function. We are pleased that DSU’s Professionally Significant Degrees ® were developed with support from industry to meet their needs and consequently have gained further acceptance, not a reduction, even in these rough economic times, because they bring real needed value to organizations.

Company Reimbursement Support Program

If your company or organization offers tuition reimbursement upon completion of a course, contact an Advisor to see if you are eligible to defer payment for a course using our Student Payment Deferral Program.

Some organizations have severely limited or nearly turned off their education entitlement programs. In many instances, this does not mean education funding is not available to pay for your education here at Dunlap-Stone University. Even if you’ve been turned down for other schools, you may find funding is available for you to attend DSU. This is because DSU is the only accredited university that offers an accredited degree in trade compliance management, a critical knowledge area. In many instances, organizations make an exception and allow educational entitlement funds to pay for this strategically important knowledge to be brought into the organization. If your organization has restricted educational entitlement funding, you may need to petition for an exception. If you need assistance in drafting your letter for an exception, call and speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Your organization may already have preferred status with DSU—meaning they have already arranged billing or voucher arrangements with us. Check first with your HR or Education Entitlement Office, then talk with an Enrollment Advisor.