Online Classroom – Software/Client Version

If you choose to Download the FirstClass Client software, Follow the instructions below.

1. First go to the Firstclass Client download page located here.

  • Scroll down until you see the table for different operating systems.
  • What Operating System is on your computer?
  • Click on your operating system. Most often this means simply click on “Windows
  • Click the Green Download Button

2.    Answer Save/Run to the question about downloading software

3.    This will load the executable file to install the software.  Click OK to start installation.

4.    Follow the instructions (and defaults) on the InstallShield Wizard.

5.    Select Typical Installation.

6.    Click next to allow the Wizard to choose the destination of the program.

7.    Click Finish at the end.

8.    You have successfully installed FirstClassClient.

9.    If the login screen does not automatically open, open by double clicking the new Icon on your desktop.  A login box will appear.

10.  Address selection box on this screen should be set at home.fc

11.  Click the Setup Button on the login box (First Click the small blue Arrow). An advanced tab will come down, then select “Setup”

12.  Connection:  Select Local Network.FCP (one of your drop-down choices)

13.  Enter your User ID: Type in your first initial/lastname (your name–run together, lower case) unless it was changed in your “Welcome to Class” email. Ex: jsmith for John Smith

14.  Enter your Personalized Temporary Password (See your password again in your “Welcome to Class” email).

15.  In the Server Box type:

16.  Click SAVE button (this box will close and you will be routed back to the first login box)

17.  Click radial button indicating “registered user”

18.  Click Save. Click Login.

19. Click Here to go to General Instructions and Navigation

20. You’re ready for class!