Associate of Arts: Business Administration (AA-BA)

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Associate of Arts: Business Administration

The Associate of Arts degree allows students to build practical skills within a sound theoretical framework. The Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AABA) was designed by academic and business leaders to offer a solid foundation in business administration processes and concepts while also developing core competencies across multiple disciplines.

Cost Per Credit Hour:

Total Credit Hours:


Log in when you’re available, whether that’s at work or at home. Your reading, lectures, and assignments can be completed on your schedule, but maintain a routine thanks to our structured seminars.


With 20 courses (each at approximately 6 weeks) and 60 hours needed for degree completion, students can finish in just over two years. Students with transfer credit may complete even sooner! 


Bring your prior education and experience with you! As part of the admissions process, a full evaluation of your transcripts will determine what is left to complete your undergraduate degree at DSU.


Connect with classmates as colleagues in the international trade profession, and discover what opportunities exist inside and outside of your organization.

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Learning Outcomes

◉ Demonstrate an understanding of current key business skills, concepts and systems.
◉ Demonstrate knowledge of business management, accounting, microeconomics, and business communications.
◉ Make connections between the business functions necessary for success in today’s dynamic enterprises.
◉ Apply quantitative and qualitative tools and problem-solving skills to critically assess modern business situations.
◉ Demonstrate the professional business communication skills necessary in the modern business environment.

Program Entry Requirements

Undergraduate students must: be at least 18 years of age, have high school diploma or equivalent, be proficient in reading and writing of the English language and complete the required enrollment forms by all applicable deadlines. Transfer credit is accepted based on the polices described elsewhere in the academic catalog.

Program Overview

◉ BUS-102 Introduction to Business
◉ BUS-118 Business Writing
◉ BUS-113 Topics in Contemporary Business
◉ MGT-135 Introduction to Leadership
◉ FAE-230 Business Accounting
◉ FAE-263 Introduction to Microeconomics
◉ HAS-103 Critical Thinking and Analysis
◉ HAS-105 Writing Across the Curriculum
◉ 6 credit hours mathematics
◉ 6 credit hours social science
◉ 12 credit hours arts/humanities
◉3 credit hours science
◉ 3 credit hours technology
◉ 6 credit hours electives


Estimated Time to Completion

A full-time student completes 24 credit hours per year (eight 3-credit-hour courses), organized into three terms (Fall, Spring and Summer). Both the Fall and Spring terms consist of three sequential (nonconsecutive) 6-week blocks, while the Summer term consists of two sequential (non-consecutive) 6-week blocks. A full-time student with no transfer credit or credit for prior learning credit would take approximately two-and-one-half years to complete their degree.

Depending upon the goals of the student, commitments outside their studies, transfer credit accepted and the student’s level of academic achievement, it is reasonable to assume that a student could complete the program in a shorter time frame. Students will develop a schedule to completion with their academic counselor.

*Transfer credit can significantly reduce time and costs.

Program Cost

Total credit hours per program: 60 credit hours

Cost per credit hour: $280

Total cost with fees: $24,945*

Tuition (Cost per 3 CH course): $1140 x 20 = $22,800
Books (Estimate): $100 x 20 = $2000
Application Fee: $ 50
Exam Fees (Proctoring): $ 45
Graduation Fee: $ 50

*This estimate assumes a student has no transfer credit.+ DSU will cover the cost of the Student Tuition Recovery Fund fees of those students meeting the criteria outlined in the Notice to California Students. * The cost of books estimates about $100 per class. A current list of required texts can be obtained from an enrollment advisor.


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