Open Enrollment / Single Courses

Open enrollment are for those taking continuing education credits or online professional development training. With our extensive catalog of specialized international trade and management courses, DSU allows you and your team to take one or more courses to outsource your training to meet specific goals, and to personalize your professional development in ways that are relevant to where you are now and where you’d like to be.

All of DSU’s courses are fully online and are designed for busy professionals to build and apply the skills and knowledge they need to excel. Need to get DSU added to your list of approved schools? We can help.


• Needs-based
• Outsourced training
• Vast catalog of courses
• DEAC Accredited


• Trade Compliance Regulations
• Legislation and Trade Agreements
• Terminology and Classification
• Others kills for the next stage of your career


Our courses lead to multiple programs of study.
Start small. Build your career with your credentials.

Expedited Path to Success

We are your fastest path from A to B to get into the trade compliance industry.

Gain Knowledge

Gain important knowledge with our courses to aid your career.


No matter your starting point, there’s a path to your educational and career goals – with support to our students every step of the way.

100% Online

Remote access options gives students control to complete their work in whatever manner that suits you best.