Master of Business Administration: International Management (MBA)

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MBA - Master of Business Administration: International Management

The Master of Business Administration: International Management degree is a graduate degree that centers on the practical application of program outcomes, building on Dunlap-Stone University’s commitment to offer Professionally Significant Degrees®. The program offers a solid foundation in international management while developing core competencies across disciplines. The program prepares individuals to work in a range of management positions.

Cost Per Credit Hour:

Total Credit Hours:


Log in when you’re available, whether that’s at work or at home. Your reading, lectures, and assignments can be completed on your schedule, but maintain a routine thanks to our structured seminars.


Finish in as few as 18 months! With 9 courses (at 8 weeks each) and only 36 hours needed for degree completion, students can finish in less than two years or complete the program over a longer period of time.


Applications may be submitted without a GRE/GMAT exam score, and from the ease of our secure student portal.


Connect with classmates as colleagues in the international trade profession, and discover what opportunities exist inside and outside of your organization.

Explore the (MBA) Program:

Learning Outcomes:

◉ Build professional capacities that demonstrate ethical behavior, effective communication, and cultural capacities necessary to succeed in a complex global business environment in c-suite and executive roles.
◉ Analyze and integrate information to make managerial decisions by demonstrating business knowledge across finance, marketing, management, operations, and strategic functions.
◉ Apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative tools, proven marketing and management theories and their practices to analyze, evaluate, and improve organizations and processes.
◉ Apply research and analysis skills to develop a strategic plan in alignment with the organization’s local and global initiatives or goals.

Program Entry Requirements

◉ Bachelor’s Degree
◉ English Language Proficiency
◉ 3 credit hours each in: managerial accounting, economics, statistics, and critical thinking/data driven decision making

Program Overview

◉ MBA-585 Business and Society
◉ MBA-505 International Management
◉ MBA-520 Organizational Behavior
◉ MBA-512 Financial Management
◉ MBA-515 Information Systems
◉ MBA-510 Operations Management
◉ MBA-525 International Marketing
◉ MBA-540 International Business Law
◉ MBA-559 Strategy Implementation
◉ Proctored Exam


Estimated Time to Completion

A full-time graduate student completes 24 credit hours per year (six 4-credit hour, eight-week courses). Courses are scheduled with multiple program starts throughout the year.

A full-time student who has met the entry prerequisite requirements would take approximately 1 year and six months (72 weeks) to complete the 36 credit degree.

Program Cost

Total credit hours per program: 36 credit hours

Cost per credit hour: $412.50

Total cost with fees: $16,350*

*Cost per credit hour and fees are subject to change. Exact fees may vary by program. Please consult an Enrollment Advisor for the final program cost.


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