Port Authority (SCM-125)


Port Authority (SCM-125)

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Port Authority (SCM-125)

Course Length: 3 Weeks

Course Description: This course provides the student with the knowledge and understanding needed to utilize the full range of capabilities of a modern Port Authority. It examines in detail all of the products and services that can be available through a port authority, whether the port is a land or seaport. The special concerns and issues related to a port authority, including special terminology, form the backdrop for identifying the major issues and challenges facing the modern port authority. This course teaches the student how to investigate popular port authorities and their capabilities online. Note: The majority of the course content is obtained online in a self-discovery process under the direction of the instructor. This course requires students to have access to Internet search engines to complete assignments.

Prerequisite: Exporting/ Importing Environment course (TRD-201) suggested but not required.

Course Credit: 1.5 Credit Hours

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