Global Marketing (BUS-403)


Global Marketing (BUS-403)

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Global Marketing (BUS-403)

Course Length: 6 Weeks

Course Description: This six-week Online course is designed to help the student apply the modern principles of strategy and marketing toward solving the practical problems of entering the global marketplace. Attention is also given to understanding the need for awareness of, and accommodation to, change in a company’s internal and external environments. Case studies are utilized to provide a demonstration of the practical marketing issues and concerns of successfully participating in the global marketplace. A special emphasis is placed on using the Internet for market research and for e-commerce. The student completes a strategic situation analysis of a real firm chosen by the student, and will complete a domestic marketing plan for the proposed export (or import) product and company as preparation for entry in the global marketplace.

Prerequisite: Exporting/Importing Environment (TRD-201) Course.

Course Credit: 3 Credit Hours

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