Freight Forwarder Practices (SCM-127)


Freight Forwarder Practices (SCM-127)

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Freight Forwarder Practices (SCM-127)

Course Length: 6 Weeks

Course Description: This six-week online course focuses on the role of the freight forwarder in the global supply chain. It was designed to assist those who are or aspire to be responsible for selecting and working with international freight forwarders, or for individuals seeking employment within a freight forwarding company. Its focus is on the internal operations of a freight forwarder and how it generally interfaces with client companies. This course provides a strong understanding of the strategic management of a freight forwarder, particularly as a company offering a range of services supporting the global supply chain. Elements of an integrated service provider, responsibilities and obligations of the forwarder, invoicing, and both mutual interests and conflict of interests with the client company are explored. The student will acquire the following knowledge and skills that can be applied to the workplace. To develop a working knowledge of the functions of a freight forwarder. This includes but is not limited to a) operation of an independent freight forwarder versus as part of an integrated service provider. b) strategies to maximize control and profitability. c) marketing of the business and its services. d) obligations of the freight forwarder to the client. e) conflicts of interest between the freight forwarder and the client. f) steps and procedures in handling of the client’s business.

Prerequisite: None

Course Credit: 3 Credit Hours

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