Compliance Appreciation (TRD-116)


Compliance Appreciation (TRD-116)

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Compliance Appreciation (TRD-116)

Course Length: 6 Weeks

Course Description: Developed for people unfamiliar with trade compliance, this three-week course provides non-trade compliance personnel with a general understanding of export compliance regulations and illustrates how these regulations impact the duties and responsibilities of individuals throughout the organization. This course is best suited for employees of organizations whose products are regulated by either the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (22 CFR 120-130) as administered by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (15 CFR. 728-774) as administered by the Bureau of Industry and Security and compliance regulations from other government agencies.

The focus of this course is providing a general understanding of the broad issues and problem sets that must be considered by a company that must conform to these regulations. Causes of export violations are explored and proactive measures and policies are considered that can help a company comply and mitigate the liabilities associated with compliance. Discussion also centers on personal liability issues individuals (directly and indirectly involved parties) may encounter as a party to an export violation. Individuals who should consider taking this course are: international sales personnel, international sales managers, operation managers (who have subordinates that perform the export compliance function), and other logistics or operations support personnel who are involved (directly or indirectly) in exporting or movement of goods or services toward foreign markets that fall under these two important sets of regulations. This course is not intended for export compliance personnel who should instead take: Understanding ITAR (IIEI-306), Understanding EAR (IIEI-307) or other courses. It is well suited to be a Private Online Course reserved exclusively for a single company’s employees.

Prerequisite: None

Course Credit: Graded – Pass/Fail

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