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For 25 years, Arizona-based Dunlap-Stone University (DSU) has helped individuals and organizations master the complexities of international trade, stay current with the rules and regulations governing trade and learn best practices so they can participate safely in the global economy.

Whether new to international trade or leading the exporting and importing efforts of the Home Depot, General Dynamics, Ashley Home Furnishings or hundreds of other companies, we partner to make sure employees have the practical, how-to skills and regulatory knowledge needed to safely succeed in serving international markets.

DSU helps individuals or organizations learn how to:

  • Find global customers and enter markets around the world
  • Import or export, maintaining compliance with all nations’ regulations
  • Reduce the risks of selling globally
  • Learn the unique language of international trade
  • Learn about cultural issues critical to selling to foreign customers
  • Find success taking your products and services to the world market
  • Start your own export or import business

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DSU’s Online Classes Help Individuals Gain Marketable Skills:

Under-employed, unemployed, or just want a new direction for your career? Why not enter a rapidly growing career field that the Wall Street Journal says is “One of the Hottest Jobs in America”?

For a quarter century, Dunlap-Stone University (DSU) has been helping individuals like you quickly learn the “How to” skills and knowledge needed to help companies safely serve international markets. 

DSU Partners with Organizations to Assess Competencies and Establish Best Practices

Organizations just getting started in international markets or established multinationals both benefit from consistent, on-demand, and cost-effective training programs to prevent violations.

DSU’s online, accredited programs provide:

  • Opportunities for companies to demonstrate their trade compliance due-diligence
  • Create enterprise-wide knowledge bases
  • Help prevent violations and reduce risk
  • Reduce travel to learn new skills
  • Assess actual employee knowledge

DSU Advisors are here to help you figure out what the best route is for your educational and career goals.

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