Continue Protecting America as a Civilian


You served and protected your country while in uniform, now chose a civilian career that will enable you to continue to protect America. Pursuing your bachelor degree with an emphasis in Trade Compliance Law gives you the tools to help protect our nation’s international trade effort in meaningful ways. International trade compliance is a growing field that offers excellent career opportunities with higher than average income potential in jobs throughout the nation. The need for this expertise is escalating in companies all across America. Continue your role as protector as an international trade compliance specialist. Every day you will be protecting America’s national security interests and ensuring our nation’s imports and exports are safe from acts of terrorism.

Dunlap-Stone University offers accredited, Professionally Significant Degrees®, including Associate of Arts , Bachelor of Science degrees and graduate law degrees that can help you leverage your military training and experience to launch your civilian career.

Our friendly Advisors are available to help you every step of the way toward graduation. They will take the time to explain each step, help you advance toward your education goal.

Military Tuition Discount for You and Your Family

To honor your service to our country, we are pleased to provide all degree seeking veterans and their immediate family members with our 25% Military Discount Program. All qualified veterans, their spouses and immediate family members are eligible to apply for this discount. Veterans from all eras of service, including Vietnam era veterans and their immediate family members also qualify for this savings. Call for an application form today!


Our advisors will happily assist you with your questions and provide information on how to use your veteran’s benefits to enroll.

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