ITT Tech – Don’t Lose your College Credits

Don’t Lose your College Credits – Apply Your ITT Tech Credits to DSU

Apply them toward a college degree or certificate leading toward high-demand jobs in the Aerospace and Defense industry that pay above the national average.


Dunlap-Stone University

Founded in 1995, Dunlap-Stone University (DSU), an online college known for serving the technical training and education needs of aerospace and defense companies worldwide, is supported by its accrediting body, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, in its flexibility to accept transfer credits from displaced ITT Tech students. “Even though we do not offerthe same technical degrees, such as drafting and design, Dunlap-Stone does offer technical programs that are not only in high demand, but according to independent surveys, pay well above the national average for entry level positions,” said Dr. Donald Burton, President of the university. The Gateway Recruiting 2016 Annual Salary Survey shows pay requiring the skills taught at DSU start in the $60,000 range.

Accreditation: Distance Education Accrediting Commission

Reputation: Dunlap-Stone has an excellent reputation. Percentage of Students surveyed who responded in the school’s most recent accreditation effort reported they:  Achieved their Learning Goals: 99%Would Recommend the Institution to a Friend: 98%Were Satisfied with their Studies: 97%.

Cost of Attendance: When compared to ITT Tech’s cost of attendance, Dunlap-Stone’s tuition rate is considerably less. When you apply your ITT credits, the total cost is far below other college and universities. Without transfer credits, a bachelor degree is slightly more than $40,000, an MBA is less than $22,000 and an AA degree is less than $20,000.   DSU offers private student loans at reasonable interest rates to those who qualify.


Degrees available from Dunlap-Stone University: