Instructor Self-Assessment Guide

Is Online Teaching For You?

A Self-Assessment Guide

Computer Skills Assessment:

1.    Do you have access to a computer with an Internet connection available at least 15 hours per week?
2.    Do you feel comfortable using email, web browsers and word processing applications?
3.    Can you download files from the Internet and save them on your computer?
4.    Can you attach a document to an email message?
5.    Do you enjoy learning new programs and feel comfortable with technology?

Online Learning and Educational Experience:

6.    Have you ever taken an online course as a student?
7.    Have you taught an online course before?
8.    Do you hold a masters degree or higher?
9.    Do you have practical experience in the field(s) you’d like to teach online?

Online Teaching and Learning:

10.    Do you believe that online learning can be as effective as on-ground learning?
11.    Is discussion an effective teaching strategy for your subject matter?
12.    Do you feel comfortable expressing yourself and explaining complex subject through written exchanges?
13.    Do you support the assertion that students learn the most when they are able to share their experiences with their peers?

Habits of Online Instructors:

14.    Are you willing to log into the classroom and contribute to discussions and interact with students at least five days per week?
15.    Are you able to manage your time effectively?
16.    Are you flexible in dealing with students’ needs?
17.    Are you able to provide meaningful feedback to students regarding their assignments?
18.    Are you able to facilitate discussions and keep students moving towards the stated learning objectives?

Training and Commitment:

19.    Are you willing to complete a training process to prepare to teach in an online environment?
20.    Are you willing to incorporate feedback to improve your facilitation skills?

Effective instructor candidates will answer yes to the majority of the questions posed. For more information about the commitment required from instructors, please see the instructor FAQ.