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Thank you for your interest in teaching for one of Dunlap-Stone’s schools. Our students return to us class after class because of our dynamic, discussion-driven courses and our proven pedagogy, but most importantly because of our dedicated and passionate faculty.  All of our courses are delivered online, and require that instructors and students alike actively participate at least five days per week. Classes length range from three to nine weeks in length, and start throughout the year.

Instructor Self-Assessment Guide

Prospective and New Instructor FAQs

Instructor General Interest Contact Form

Faculty do not “build” courses. Course content is provided for instructors who serve as facilitators within the classroom environment. DSU utilizes FirstClass (R), a user-friendly classroom interface. Instructors must have reliable access to a computer with an internet connection.

In their role, services provided by faculty consists primarily of being:

  • A facilitator of learning, providing consultive expertise as a subject matter expert in assisting students to understand the topical course content
  • An evaluator and reporter of learning outcomes achieved by students in courses

All instructors must hold at least a master’s degree or higher and have practical experience in the subjects in which they teach. Instructors in general education topics must have at least a master’s degree in the field, or at least 18 graduate credit hours in the topics. Official transcripts must be submitted to the administration along with a current resume. Please review a list of our course offerings and prepare a list of courses you feel you would be most qualified to instruct. Classes are assigned and contracted on a class-by-class basis.

Law Professors teaching within the Law Center at DSU must have a terminal degree and area of expertise in the topics being taught.

Instructor candidates participate in a training class and work with a mentor to assure their compliance with  DSU’s best practices and the school’s accreditation requirements.

Please do NOT call Dunlap-Stone University in regards to available positions.

Please send transcripts to:

ATTN: Dr. Caulyne Barron
Dunlap-Stone University

19820 North 7th Street, Suite #100
Phoenix, AZ 85024 USA

If you believe you would be a good match with our programs and meet the requirements listed above, please fill out this form.