Graduate Law Center

Law Center at DSU

The Graduate Law Center at Dunlap-Stone University is responsible for the content of all all law-related undergraduate and graduate courses at Dunlap-Stone University.

Regulatory Trade Law

Over nearly two decades, Dunlap-Stone University has gained an enviable reputation within the international trade compliance community as the foremost school for applied international trade regulatory compliance law education.

Its narrow focus is U.S. administrative trade law and other nation’s’ laws and regulations impacting the movement of goods across their borders. It does not address the broader topic of international trade laws affecting commerce between nations.

Major Course Categories

We offer law-related courses in the following major areas of study:

  • Export Regulations – Most USG Agencies
  • Import Regulations – Most USG Agencies
  • Trade Agreements
  • Special Regulations
  • Foreign Nations’ International Trade Regulations – Import & Export
  • Multilateral Trade Agreements & Regimens