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mazeLearn to navigate the complex maze of U.S. Federal regulations impacting imports and exports from more than 20 different US Government (USG) agencies and authorities. Learn from the industry leader in online compliance education and training: Dunlap-Stone University.

In today’s world, complete compliance with all export laws (export controls such as ITAR and EAR)  is demanded by the USG.  Making this difficult, the number of regulations and agencies involved has constantly grown as threats to the supply chain and national security have been identified. The resulting fines and penalties for violations have increased dramatically to over a million dollars per violation in some cases and the number of violations for a company may be in the hundreds per action cited. To meet this dynamic need for understanding all of the USG regulations from beginning to end, Dunlap-Stone University offers over 50 different trade compliance related, accredited courses and undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Dunlap-Stone University exists today because it continually exceeds the expectations of its students and their employers in helping them prevent export violations through in-depth training.

Reputation Matters

Dunlap-Stone University has been teaching students online what they need to know about trade regulations for 20 years. More than 98% of our students say they would recommend our school to their friends.  Over 90% of our students are sponsored by their employer. This tells you the value employers place on our courses and programs.

Flexible and Convenient

  • Access the classroom from anywhere via the web or Smart phone.
  • Our classes are 100% online.  We offer a structured learning environment, but we let you log in and learn 24/7, whenever and wherever you want.  The structure of the classes keeps you focused and on track.  This learning technique lets you work, take care of your family and balance all aspects of your life!
  • Our classes are 6 weeks long, so students are able to properly absorb and reflect on the subject matter.
  • One class at a time gets you to the finish line.  That path can be short or long, it’s up to you how you decide to run your race.

Learn with others

Learn the ITAR, EAR and other agencies rules and regulations (OFAC, FCPA and others) with other students seeking the same knowledge. Learn from expert instructors who are there to ensure you understand the regulations fully.  All courses are developed in tandem with Subject Matter Specialists and Curriculum Development Experts to ensure that regardless of your learning style, you will be able to master the regulations.

Our students tell us they have made lifelong friends through their participation efforts in classes.

We offer our students great customer service.  Our advisors know their stuff and want to see you succeed.

Take your Training and Career Further

All trade compliance related courses are accredited college courses. Apply them as college credit toward certificates programs, toward an Associate or Bachelor degree.  Many of the online courses can help students prepare for globally recognized industry certification exams such as the Certified ITAR Professional® or Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer® designations.

Already have a bachelor degree? Apply your credits toward a bachelor degree with an emphasis in Trade Compliance Law. Having an accredited degree validating your proficiency as an EAR and ITAR expert can be a benefit in seeking employment.

Dunlap-Stone University (DSU) offers advanced law degrees for those wanting to pursue a Masters Degree in Regulatory Trade Compliance. We offer graduate degree programs training for practicing attorneys.

Target the World with your Education and Training

The university offers courses covering most international trade regimens as well as the regulations for major trading partners around the world. Whatever your regulatory training need might be, chances are DSU offers accredited, practical training to meet your need.


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