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The Modern Cannabis Industry (HCA-172)*

Course Length: 6 Weeks

Course Credit: 3 Credit Hours

Prerequisite: None

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This six-week online survey course, which is an elective in the Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration degree program, explores the modern cannabis industry from the perspective of the emerging industry and its career possibilities. It briefly discusses the history of cannabis in the U.S., including the myths and stigma associated with the plant. It examines the recent phenomena of medical usage and scientific discoveries related to cannabis and its derivatives. Emphasis is placed on understanding the various emerging career opportunities within the industry for those who possess the requisite skill sets. The course also examines the current legal issues and other challenges facing this growth industry.

This course was made possible with the assistance of Subject Matter Experts from the Cannabis Career Institute (CCI), nationally recognized for its leadership role in educating America on the modern cannabis industry.

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