DSU Student Withdrawal Request

Request: I understand that for my Withdrawal request to be processed, I must complete the Withdrawal Form below. I understand that any monies due me, my company or my funding source are defined in DSU’s Refund Policy and will be returned in accordance with that policy.

View DSU’s Refund Policy Here [Opens in New Window]

Course Payment: I understand that in order for my Withdrawal to be processed, any tuition or fee due for class must be paid in full. If I enrolled using a Payment Deferral, I understand my credit card will be charged this amount before my request will be processed.

Week Status: Your potential refund amount is dependent upon how far you have progressed in the class. To determine which week you are in within your class, the administration uses the latest week that is open to students in your class, based on the date stamp of this request.  The date stamp is determined once you click the submit button below on this page to complete the Withdrawal Request and compared to your selection below.  Your actual week status will be verified and confirmed by Class Administration before your request is processed.

End of Course Survey: I understand that I am invited to complete an End of Course Survey [Opens in new window] for this course.