Studies in International Trade Marketing

Capitalize on the Growth of International Markets

This intermediate-level Studies in International Trade Marketing program helps prepare people for careers in the global marketplace as an international marketing specialist and it helps individuals prepare for the Certified International Trade Marketing Specialist international trade certification exam. The industry certification exam testing is separate from the university.

Learn How Market Goods/Services in the Global Marketplace.

The person seeking this certificate wants an in-depth knowledge of international marketing and the marketing strategies to help them and their company be successful in the global marketplace.

Career Opportunities

People that might consider this course of study are:

  • People wanting to understand the role of international marketing specialist
  • People considering changing careers into this international trade related occupation
  • Individuals want to build credentials as an international marketing specialist
  • Individuals wanting to broaden their knowledge
  • Those seeking to prepare for industry certification exam for this career choice*

Learning Outcomes

Those that complete the program will:

  • Be prepared to work as an international trade marketing specialist positions in organizations that participate in global supply chain.
  • Know the major components, relationships and terminology associated with international trade marketing.
  • Be capable of analyzing an organization’s international trade marketing situation, including the market needs and concerns associated with conducting international trade marketing.
  • Understand the ethical and cultural concerns and obligations of the international trade marketing specialist
  • *Be prepared to sit for the IIEI Certification “Certified International Trade Marketing Specialist” exam.

Course of Study:

Exporting/Importing Environment TRD 201
International Business Ethics BUS 303
Global Culture BUS 401
Global Marketing BUS 403


Program Length: 24 weeks

Each DSU online accredited course is 6 weeks in length.

These courses can be applied to a certificate, Associates Degree or Bachelor Degree. In addition to earning college credit and gaining vocational skills, the course of study for this program prepares individuals to sit for the IIEI Certification’s Certified International Trade Marketing Specialist Exam. However, successful completion of the course of study does not guarantee certification or job placement.


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