Studies in Exporting

Enter the Global Marketplace with Confidence as a Certified Exporter® (CE)


The Studies in Exporting is the university’s professional certificate program to help prepare individuals for entry into careers in international trade and for the entry-level industry certification, Certified Exporter®. It training provides practical skills and abilities needed to be successful in the global trade. Learn the activities, knowledge requirements and processes involved in modern international trade.

The course steps future exporters through all basic activates involved in the exporting and importing process. This course teaches students how to immediately begin their own business as an importer or exporter within the global marketplace.

The Studies in Exporting program is a college credit vocational program that introduces the subject of exporting (and importing) to students and provides them with a strong foundation upon which to build a career. Students demonstrate an understanding of basic principles, practices and terminology within the import/export discipline, including export controls.

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Career Opportunities

  • Become an export agent or representative
  • Start your own importing or exporting business
  • Perform international sales support
  • Work with companies or clients assisting them with international shipments and transactions
  • Work as a consultant
  • Work with the global supply chain
  • Be an independent agent assisting buyers and sellers conduct trade

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Validate your Industry Knowledge and Proficiency to Potential Employers and Customers by gaining industry certification.

The industry certification exam is separate from the university. Dunlap-Stone University is a Master Approved Provider of training for this certification. The school can assist you registering for the test upon completion of your course of study. Learn how to sit for the Certified Exporter® Exam.

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Certificate Course of Study:

Course of Study: TRD-201 – Exporting/Importing Environment

Program Length: 6 weeks, 3 credit hours

Each DSU online accredited course is 6 weeks in length.

These courses can be applied to a certificate, Associates Degree or Bachelor Degree. In addition to earning college credit and gaining vocational skills, the course of study for this program prepares individuals to sit for the IIEI Certification’s Certified Exporter® Exam. However, successful completion of the course of study does not guarantee certification or job placement.

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