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IIEI Certification TestingIIEI Certification

Although Dunlap-Stone University / The International Import-Export Institute helps its students prepare for their industry certification exam, the school is not the industry testing organization.

All tests are administered by IIEI Certification, a service of the International Certification Authority Inc. As a Master Approved Provider, in addition to helping our students prepare for their test, Dunlap-Stone University is able to assist students in registering for their test, but the remainder of the testing process is outside the school.

IIEI Certification sets industry standards and knowledge requirements for each certification if offers. It develops testing materials, manages and administers Certification Testing, Awards Certification to those who meet the standards. It alone determines the award of CEUs.

How to Register for Your Certification Exam

All of the school’s enrollment advisors can assist you in connecting with the testing center. After that it is up to each candidate to complete the process. As the registered Approved Provider that assisted you in preparing for your test, our school will be notified of your test results. Your advisor of record will be privileged to see the results and will notify you.

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How to Sit for an IIEI Certification Exam

So you’re ready to sit for the exam. Here are the steps from IIEI Certification.

1) Locate an acceptable Test Proctor — Must be an Impartial 3rd Party

Some examples of acceptable test proctors are: Your employer’s HR department (in most cases), Local Libraries, and local college testing centers. Our school’s advisors can make other suggestions, if needed.

  • See instructions on requirements for your specific exam.
  • Please read through each “Tab” for each exam carefully.
  • You have set up a time that works for you and your third-party impartial proctor to proctor your exam. It is the responsibility of the examinee to pay any proctor fees for their chosen test site.

2) Complete and submit the Test Site Application for one of our Certifications Offered

  • Your chosen date for your exam must be 30 days or more out from today’s date.
    Example: Examinee fills out application May 1st, the earliest exam date the examinee may choose is June 1st. It is the examinee’s responsibility to make sure the exam date works for them, as well as their proctor.
  • Submit your request through a Master Approved Provider or Approved Provider or directly through this web site. All test fees must accompany the application.

3) Prepare for Exam

  • Prepare for test day.
  • Carefully read what materials are permitted to be taken into the testing area.
  • Take photo ID with you. Your proctor will be required to make a copy of it for submission with your test.

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