IIEI Certification

IIEI Certification

A Service of International Trade Certification Authority Inc.



What is IIEI Certification?

IIEI Certification is an independent, Non-Government Organization. It is globally recognized and accepted as the standard setting certification authority and testing organization serving the international trade industry worldwide. It develops, validates, maintains and administers a wide variety of proficiency examinations to individuals within the international trade industry.

IIEI Certification works in tandem with leading universities and training organizations worldwide such as Dunlap-Stone University who help prepare individuals to sit for their industry certification examination. IIEI Certification is a service provided by International Trade Certification Authority, Inc. who is solely responsible for the certification program. IIEI Certification is a member of ANSI.

Visit IIEI Certification web site at:  http://www.iiei.org


While the International Import-Export Institute (IIEI) and IIEI Certification share the same acronym in their name, they are separate legal entities. IIEI Certification is a certification and test entity and is therefore outside the scope of DEAC accreditation, the university’s accreditation body.

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