Benefits of Industry Certification

Dunlap-Stone University is proud to support this certification program.  The personal benefits gained by those who attain certification,  organizations that benefit because of having certification holders in their rank and file helping them facilitate trade, and entire nations worldwide who seamlessly trade with each other because of these standards–all are a testament to its importance.  IIEI Certification’s “One World, One Standard”  is helping the world come together as trading partners.

IIEI Certification’s international trade certifications differentiate you, your company and your nation  from others who haven’t had their proficiency independently validated.  Certification in any industry validates knowledge and skills. Within the international arena, IIEI Certification suggests these benefits:

Benefits for Companies that invest in their employees

  • Demonstrate due-diligence in training and proficiency to investigators
  • Reduce fines, penalties and audit risk
  • Minimize company liability
  • Protect shareholder value
  • Support national security initiatives and requirements

Benefits to Global Supply Chain Members and their Employees

  • Signal to customers your organization’s leadership role supporting global trade standards
  • Highlight areas of expertise of your employees
  • Enable employees to communicate with other supply chain members more effectively using a common lexicon and terminology
  • Differentiate your organization from lesser qualified competitors
  • Have confidence in the skills and knowledge of certified employees

Benefits for Individuals that invest in IIEI Certification

  • Learn beneficial trade concepts required to earn industry certification
  • Communicate with trade peers more easily and effectively
  • Build professional credentials and status
  • Differentiate yourself from competition
  • Increase value to employers
  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Demonstrate mastery of import and export compliance regulations
  • Understand the potential civil penalties & incarceration due to violations

Benefits to Nations

  • Increase exports with fewer problems as workers understand the global regimens for trade
  • A nation’s workers use the same terminology, rules and understanding to conduct business as their customer nations—promotes and expedites trade
  • Demonstrates a nation’s countrymen meet the same international trade standards in use worldwide – reduces confusion and errors
  • Tells other nations that your countrymen speak the same language of international trade to help facilitate trade
  • Reduces risk for other nations to do business with foreign counterparts who demonstrate their willingness to comply with global standards
  • Independent validation of the proficiency of a nation’s international trade industry
  • Reduces or minimizes errors caused by misunderstanding that might impact the nation’s ability to work with other nations
  • Gain advantage over lesser prepared nations in working with foreign customers