Attention International Students:

Want to be a supplier to the U.S. aerospace and defense industries but your company is outside the U.S. and you don’t know how to qualify?

Whether you are in a foreign country or not, you can quickly learn online everything you need to know for your company to qualify to be certified ITAR compliant under the terms of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.


 Open up  profitable aerospace and defense markets

Most foreign companies can learn how to qualify to be suppliers in the global supply chain for their components to be used by U.S. prime contractors in U.S. controlled goods under the ITAR and EAR.

By becoming industry certified you can become eligible as a supplier to companies that require their suppliers to be ITAR Certified.

  • Learn what it takes to pass the industry CUSECO exam
  • Develop your own in-house company trade compliance experts
  • Master the regulations under the guidance of industry expert instructors
  • Learn the practical application of the ITAR and EAR.
  • Make yourself more valuable to your employer


Learn the ITAR and other class topics online with students from all over the world.


 Join the Global Supply Chain

For over twenty years foreign students have been enrolling in our online classes to become experts over the trade regulations and pass industry certification exams and advance their careers.


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