Compliance Solutions for Entire Organizations

Spend more time on critical licensing issues.

[Brochure – Managed Trade Compliance Training Services (MTCTP) Program]

Considering this problem, the International Import-Export Institute developed its Managed Trade Compliance Training Services (MTCTP) program. It frees up compliance staff members from maintaining training materials from all the different government agencies and from spending time training company employees. Our school manages the whole process for you. The program offers large organizations a quickly scalable, full-range of regulatory trade compliance training solutions serving the total enterprise, from the legal department and product support personnel, to marketing and trade compliance professionals, to engineering and all other employees. Whatever your knowledge worker needs to master in trade compliance, chances are our school has it available. Whether the organization is at a single location inside or outside the U.S., or you have locations spread around the globe, our experts can help ensure all of your knowledge workers are up-to- date with trade compliance regulations.

This program helps organizations ensure there are no “weakest link” employees anywhere in the organization that might cause an export violation. It frees up compliance personnel to focus fully on export licenses and it quantifies the “compliance readiness” of the organization. The MTCTP’s staff is equipped to handle the full range of U.S. regulatory trade compliance training and education needed by larger organizations. MTCTP’s experts help clients identify potential problem areas, who need training throughout the organization and then completely handles scheduling employees into classes throughout the year. It critically assesses and validates the level of each employee’s readiness to prevent violations and provides detailed reports to senior management of the organization’s compliance readiness. MTCTP’s comprehensive program mitigate the risks of violations by ensuring that the whole organization fully meets the industry’s highest standards of regulatory trade compliance due-diligence Managed Trade Compliance Training Program

Provides client-wide MTCTP to large domestic, foreign and multinational
corporations on a contracted basis – Targeted populations, including:

  • Compliance personnel
  • Contract/ purchasing managers
  • Legal department
  • Logistics personnel
  • Sales/Marketing department personnel
  • Licensed goods and services support personnel
  • Compliance/ risk awareness training for all employees

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