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The Global Source for Accredited Online Trade Compliance, Export Controls and Import Training & Education

Celebrating 25 years serving the international trade industry, the International Import-Export Institute at Dunlap-Stone University (DSU) is globally recognized as the industry leader in providing college accredited online education and training across the broad landscape of international trade and trade compliance. 

Learn the latest Export Control Laws, Regulatory Processes and More

The college is a resource for accredited training covering all aspects of export controls and trade compliance for most U.S.Government agencies and export control regulations for key trading nations around the world.

The university also offers certificate, undergraduate and graduate law degrees online that meet the university’s trademarked Professionally Significant Degrees® requirements.  In its vocational certificate training effort, the school provides accredited courses to help people worldwide prepare for various internationally recognized industry certifications as well as test preparation for the US Government Customs & Border Protection’s  Licensed Custom Brokers exam.  (See more below)

As part of Dunlap-Stone University, the International Import-Export Institute is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

 Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Programs

The International Import-Export Institute offers bachelor degree programs tailored specifically for those seeking careers within the greater expanse of international trade, international business, trade compliance and export controls  throughout the world.  The school’s specialized online degrees were designed for motivated individuals seeking the knowledge they need to succeed and advance in their careers endeavors within the global supply chain. See graduate program below.

Certification Exam Preparation Training

Dunlap-Stone is globally recognized for the thoroughness of its industry certification examination preparation training programs.

Project Management Certification

For over 20 years, the school has helped thousands of people prepare for their trade industry certification exams and Government licensing tests. In 2016, DSU added two additional, much requested certification exam preparation regimens, Project Management Institute’s (PMI) globally recognized Certified Associate in Project Management “CAPM®” and Project Management Professional “PMP®” Over the past decades, project management has become an important skill set and knowledge base to possess and in some cases a requirement for employment. PMI’s PMP® certification is “the recognized gold standard”. It separates prepared job candidates from others and can be an important element of a resume.

Read more about these preparation training programs here.

International Trade Certification

Industry certification has become a necessary and beneficial credential for those serving as trade compliance professionals. Both individuals and their employers rely upon it as third-party validation of the certification holder’s competency and currency with regulatory trade compliance knowledge as ascribed to each certification.

The International Import-Export Institute helps people prepare for 12 industry certification exams, including the Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer®, and Certified ITAR Professional®, two of the most popular industry certifications within the aerospace and defense industries.

The school is a Master Approved Provider of exam preparation training for international trade industry certification.  For each certification, the school offers its own accredited college courses to help students learn the body of knowledge requirements for their chosen field.

Read more about the various Industry Certification Exam Preparation Training programs available at Dunlap-Stone University

Industry Vocational Training

DSU’s International Import-Export Institute offers a wide range of accredited certificate programs (not certifications). Meeting the needs of people seeking to retrain or re-tool with support of their state workforce development agencies, the trade compliance programs range from general international trade knowledge and skills development to highly technical programs centering on export controls and regulatory trade compliance within the global supply chain. Those who complete the prescribed course of study are able to receive a program completion certificate. Vocational Training Programs

Trade Compliance Law

The Graduate Law Center within DSU works closely with the International Import-Export Institute to offer a variety of law related courses on most topics related to international trade , ITAR compliance and export controls.  From introductory, intermediate to advanced import and export oriented courses, the school has something for every industry sector in the evolving global landscape . Its current offerings include nearly 60 regulatory trade compliance law-related (export controls) courses for the U.S., Canada, Australia, UK  EU, and People’s Republic of China, and multilateral trade regimens impacting most countries.  More are being added all the time. Trade Compliance Courses.

Managed Trade Compliance Program (MTCP)

The Managed Trade Compliance Program (MTCP) provides larger companies with a cost effective trade compliance training and education solution for all of its employees. It frees company compliance staff members so they can focus on critical licensing and compliance issues rather than on updating training materials, traveling to train company employees at distant locations and being an expert trainer responsible for training employees across the company. After senior management identifies its needs, DSU’s staff handles all the rest.

The assigned MTCTP team:

  • Works with management to determine the exact level and breadth of training needed to mitigate the company’s risk of violations
  • Develops an individual training plan for each employee that meets company budget and objectives
  • Scheduled classes throughout the year to accommodate the client’s needs
  • Tracks each employee’s progress in attaining their individual training goals
  • Notifies management of employees who fail to meet proficiency requirements
  • Advises management when sufficient changes have occurred in the regulations that signal a need for specific individuals throughout the organization should have a refresher course.
  • Tracks the OVERALL compliance readiness of the company to prevent trade violations

Read more about the MTCTP here.

Licensed U.S. Customs Broker Exam Training – LCB

The International Import-Export Institute has for nearly 20 years been the leader providing accredited  online training to help people prepare for the challenging Licensed Customs Broker (LCB) examination given by the US Government’s Customs & Border Protection twice each year. The school’s intense six week LCB course has a very high success rate in preparing students to pass this important test.  Read more here.

Trade Compliance Programs

Trade Compliance Online Courses

Vocational Training Programs

Project Manager Certification

Trade Compliance Bachelor Degrees

Trade Compliance Masters Degrees

International Trade Certification

ITAR Certified

The college’s ITAR training courses help provide the knowledge needed to assist organizations in documenting they meet the US Government’s mandatory regulatory requirements and thereby attest and self-certify, that they are ITAR COMPLIANT.

International Students

Attention International Students seeking ITAR and EAR training and examination preparation for their CUSECO industry exam. Learn everything you need to know for your company to qualify to be certified ITAR compliant under the terms of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

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Whether through “OPEN ENROLLMENT” directly into online courses or as part of degree programs, our courses and programs are designed for busy professionals seeking practical skills and critical “best practices” knowledge needed by industry.

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Project Management Certifications

Dunlap-Stone University offers a course of study to help individuals prepare to sit for two Project Management Institute (PMI) globally recognized industry examinations.

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