Professionally Significant Degrees ®

In recognition of today’s competitive job market and the ever challenging small world we live in, Dunlap-Stone University’s (DSU) degree programs were designed to meet the needs of today’s globally active workforce with the school’s trade marked “Professionally Significant Degrees®.”Regardless of the degree program or vocational training you chose, you can be confident that the quality education you receive will provide you the necessary up-to-date underlying theoretical principles and knowledge needed to succeed, and that it will be combined with industry best practices that are in demand by employers today.

Get a Pay Raise or Promotion

Over 40% of 2013 accreditation survey respondents reported they received a pay raise or promotion after completing their course of study at DSU and IIEI.


Requirements to Meet this Standard of Academic and Professional Excellence

The program and courses must be:

  • Academic excellent
  • Professionally relevant
  • Career focused
  • Support or provide practical marketable skills needed in industry

It isn’t enough for degrees today to be educationally sound. They must also be professionally relevant and applicable to your career. That is why all DSU degrees and courses focus on providing a firm understanding of the relevant principles, and ensure they provide practical “hands-on” relevance to your career. Anything less fails to provide our students with appropriate marketable skills and value needed to successfully compete in today’s dynamic workplace.

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