Online Learning

Access Class from Anywhere with an Internet Connection


Take classes and work toward your educational goals when it is convenient for you. 

Set course start and end dates and asynchronous learning: Start with your peers and work through the material each week with your instructor without a set schedule of when you need to be in class. This is not a Self- Study Program or Correspondence Course Program. Is online learning right for me?

How Do Classes Work?

Students are required to participate in the Online virtual classroom discussion five out of seven days of the week. The student chooses which specific days to participate and the time when he or she wants to be active in the classroom. Again, the Online classroom is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. With students from all over the world enrolled, it seems that there is always someone in the classroom adding to the discussion in progress.

Credit Hours

All courses are designed at a college level with college semester credit hours awarded for successful completion. The number of credit hours assigned depends on the length of the course, course workload and the difficulty. (See individual course information for the number of credit hours assigned.)

Technology Recommendations (Minimum)

  • Technological confidence to send and receive emails, access, create, and save documents in a word processor, ability to browse the internet.
  • A reliable Internet connection of at least 3 Mbps download speed for adequate audio-video quality.
  • An email address that will accept all emails, including attachments
  • PC or Mac or comparable system with (recommended) Windows 10 or comparable. DSU recommends a browser such as Google Chrome (v70.0 & above), Mozilla Firefox (v65.0 & above) and Edge (Chromium) (v79.0 & above), requires, the ability to listen to and watch embedded video content, and requires Adobe Reader version 9, 11, or DC (free download is available on the Internet).

Attendance Requirements

Students are required to attend the virtual classroom five out of the seven days during a seminar week. Assignments are due on the day of the seminar specified (before midnight) and must have the appropriate day recorded in the sign-on logo (or an earlier date) for full credit. Participation is measured by recording the date of each entry the student makes to the system – whether it is a response to one of the assignments, a comment on the work of another or a question to the group or to the instructor. An absence does not excuse the student from the responsibility of participation, assigned work and/or testing. Students may be dropped for poor attendance after two consecutive weeks of absences are accumulated. Seminar days are defined as follows:

How to sign up for a course?

All course registrations can be completed online with the assistance of an Advisor via telephone or email. Space is limited. Classes tend to fill quickly.

Early registration is recommended.