MSc-RTC Learning Objectives

In addition to the general education learning objectives and core competencies outlined by Dunlap-Stone University, the following learning objectives have been identified for the MSc-RTC degree.

Graduates of the MSc-RTC degree program will:

  1. Be prepared to work in industry, government, and a wide range of other settings in administrative and management roles, overseeing all aspects of the export and import of regulated goods and services.
  2. Demonstrate mastery of the major components, relationships, and terminology associated with the international trade compliance industry.
  3. Possess the regulatory knowledge needed to effectively manage trade compliance activities in a wide variety of settings.
  4. Apply critical thinking and analysis skills across regulatory settings, demonstrating ethical decision making.
  5. Utilize legal precepts, regulations and best practices to demonstrate competency in maintaining regulatory compliance.
  6. Understand the workings of major foreign trade compliance regimens.