Career Opportunities

This graduate degree program was developed specifically for experienced, working international trade compliance professionals. These individuals aspire to advance their knowledge and skills to the level necessary to move into senior management career positions with international trade compliance oversight responsibility for movement of licensed goods and services between nations. No other college or university offers a similar degree.

The program prepares individuals to work in a range of international trade compliance settings, managing employees, processes and results in accordance with industry best practices and in compliance with regulatory trade law.


  • Senior Corporate Management with responsibility for regulatory oversight
  • Government Administrative Regulation specialist
  • Trade Compliance Consultant
  • Global Supply Chain Regulatory Compliance Oversight Positions
  • Empowered Official
  • Non-Government Organization
  • Management within international firms and organizations
  • Corporate Advisor
  • Regulatory¬† Educator
  • International business associate


DSU does not guarantee employment for any of its graduates.