Master of Science: Regulatory Trade Compliance (MSc-RTC)

The Master of Science: Regulatory Trade Compliance (MSc-RTC) degree is a graduate degree that centers on the practical application of program objectives, building on Dunlap-Stone University’s commitment to offer “Professionally Significant Degrees®.” The addresses regulatory trade compliance law practices, processes, and concepts, while developing core competencies across the discipline. The program prepares individuals to work in a range of regulatory compliance settings, managing employees, processes and results in accordance with industry best practices and in compliance with regulatory trade law.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be prepared to work in industry, government, and a wide range of other settings in administrative and management roles, overseeing all aspects of the export and import of regulated goods and services.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the major components, relationships, and terminology associated with the regulatory trade compliance industry.
  • Possess the regulatory knowledge needed to effectively manage trade compliance activities in a wide variety of settings.
  • Apply critical thinking and analysis skills across regulatory settings, demonstrating ethical decision making.
  • Utilize legal precepts, regulations and best practices to demonstrate competency in maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Understand the workings of major foreign trade compliance regimens.

Program Entry Requirements

● Bachelor’s Degree
● English Language Proficiency
● CUSECO(R) certification, 12 credit hours compliance coursework or entrance exam.

Program Overview

● TRD-505 Export Fundamentals
● TRD-510 Import Fundamentals
● TRD-525 Auditing & Assessing Trade Compliance Processes
● TRD-520 Trade Compliance Special Circumstances
● TRD- 535 Agency Regulation in Trade Compliance
● TRD-540 Management of Trade Compliance
● TRD-528 Trade Compliance Treaties and Guidelines
● TRD-532 Foreign Compliance Regimens
● TRD-550 Capstone Thesis

Estimated Time to Completion

A full-time graduate student completes 24 credit hours per year (six 4-credit hour, eight-week courses). Courses are scheduled with multiple program starts throughout the year. A full-time student who has met the entry prerequisite requirements would take approximately 1 year and six months (72 weeks) to complete the 36 credit degree.

Master of Science: Regulatory Trade Compliance (MSc-RTC) at Dunlap-Stone University

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Master of Science: Regulatory Trade Compliance (MSc-RTC)