Master of Science-Regulatory Trade Compliance

dsu_masterdegree_msc_globeDunlap-Stone University offers this Master of Science degree in Regulatory Trade Compliance. This online program’s central focus is international trade compliance law– for most U.S agencies and for other major trading nations, and other related laws, treaties and regimens impacting global trade. This intense 72 week, 36 graduate credit hour program consists of nine eight week courses taken sequentially over approximately a year and a half.

The Master of Science: Regulatory Trade Compliance (MSc-RTC) degree is an accredited, postsecondary graduate degree that centers on the practical application of program objectives, building on Dunlap-Stone University’s commitment to offer “Professionally Significant Degrees®.” The program offers a solid foundation in international trade compliance law practices, processes and concepts, while developing core competencies across the discipline.

This is not a masters degree in international commerce law that deals with the broader issue of commerce and trade between nations. It is a distinct sub-discipline of international law.

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