LL.M.-RTL Learning Objectives

Dunlap-Stone University, has established the following learning objectives for the Master of Laws in U.S. Regulatory Trade Law degree.

Graduates of the LL.M.-RTL degree program will:

  1. Be prepared to work in industry, government, and a wide range of other legal settings in administrative and management roles, overseeing the licensing and legal issues involving the export and import of regulated goods and services.
  2. Identify, explain, describe and apply the fundamental rules, policies and issues related to US regulatory trade compliance law.
  3. Apply critical thinking and analysis skills across regulatory settings, demonstrating ethical decision making.
  4. Utilize legal precepts, regulations and best practices to demonstrate competency in maintaining regulatory trade compliance.
  5. Identify significant issues within regulatory trade compliance, describe their origins, interpretations and implications within a legal context within scholarly-practitioner works.