Career Opportunities for the LL.M. Degree

This graduate degree program prepares practicing lawyers and law school graduates to work in a large range of international settings overseeing all aspects of regulatory trade compliance and export controls , and managing employees and processes in accordance with industry best practices and regulatory trade compliance laws.

One of the fastest growing fields of law: Regulatory Trade Law

This is an new, emerging field of law and a new practice area that is under-populated and under-served. Prior to the terrorists events of 9/11 this field of law, as a stand alone practice area, did not exist. As the US Government (USG) reacted to the threat, adding new laws and regulations, the demand for legal services in this area has outstripped supply all across the nation. Companies involved in international trade need legal expertise to help them protect themselves, to  mitigate the risks of violations amid the rising tide of more trade regulations emanating from numerous USG agencies.

Regulatory trade compliance law is expected to be among the fastest growing new fields of law over the next decade or more as the global marketplace matures amid the concerns for safety of the global supply chain. There is currently an extreme shortage of legal experts in this practice area. The need for this expertise is growing rapidly as more companies pursue global markets, trade regulations continue to increase and as international trade expands to meet the needs of a growing global population.


  • Law practice specialty
  • Government legal specialist
  • Consultant
  • Corporate attorney
  • Associate Counsel – Regulatory trade Law
  • Non-Government Organization
  • Management within international firms and organizations
  • Corporate Advisor
  • Legal Educator
  • Advise foreign firms on U.S. trade laws and practices
  • International business associate