Licensed U.S. Customs Broker Exam Training

For nearly 20 years, the International Import-Export Institute has been a leading online provider of exam preparation training for the US Government Customs & Border Protection’s challenging Licensed Customs Broker test.

Licensed Customs Broker Examination Course Online

The International Import-Export Institute (IIEI) offers an intense course (Customs Broker Exam Prep Course  – TRD-304) to prepare individuals to sit for and pass the equally intense CBP Licensed Customs Broker examination. Without question it is the most difficult and time consuming course offered within our trade compliance course offerings. Students should expect a minimum of 15 to 20 hours per week BEYOND THE TIME SPENT IN THE ONLINE CLASSROOM DURING THE COURSE. In other words, it requires a maximum effort. Of those who receive an “A” in the course and who would attest to having spent the additional time mentioned outside of the classroom preparing, historically a very high percentage  (80%+)  pass the LCB exam the first time. There is no guarantee that you will pass. Each person’s study habits, understanding and preparation methods are different. But those who pass say they gave it their all.

Our LCB Course is six-weeks in duration. It is online and open 24/7. During that time you take several actual LCB tests (from previous test dates).  You will have daily interaction with fellow students (this is critical to your success– to interact with them, asking questions, observing their responses). You have access to your expert instructor (whenever you are unsure. Your instructor is there to turn on the light for you). Typically our courses END one to three weeks before to the official test date. This gives students time for further review and study, if needed.

A Word of Caution

Our course is not recommended for those with no exposure to the topic, although students with minimal experience can sometimes do better than those who have worked in customs houses for many years. Long term bad habits can be contra to the way the test answers are structured.

This intense course has a very high success rate in preparing individuals to pass this challenging test. Those that master the course, receiving an “A” grade have the highest probability of passing the CBP test. Those who spend 15-20 hours per week mastering the material tend to do best in the course and on the CBP test.

Our course is not intended to teach you how to be a Licensed Customs Broker.  It is solely meant to teach you how to pass the LCB test. If you want to learn about the functional details of working with imports in the physical role as a LCB,  IIEI has many other courses that serve that purpose.  Ask your Advisor for assistance.

Becoming a Licensed Customs Broker – LCB

Once you have passed the exam, and have been awarded your license, your status as a Licensed Customer Broker (LCB) stays with you and your career (so long as you pay your annual fee to keep it current). You never have to retake the test or further prove your status as a LCB. Being a Licensed Customs Broker becomes a permanent part of your resume and title.

Value of Earning the LCB License

Many job postings that have nothing to do with serving in the role as a LCB require job candidates to have the LCB.  Typically, these job as in some capacity within the international trade or global supply chain arenas.  Thus, having your LCB makes you stand out from the crowd when applying for new positions.  It helps in advancement and promotions for the same reasons. Many senior level management positions expect that people in that slot will have their LCB even though they never function in that capacity.

Requirements for becoming a Licensed Customer Broker (and keeping it)

You must:

  • Possess moral character  – Not be a convicted felon
  • A U.S. Citizen at least 21 years of age
  • Not be a current Federal Government employee
  • Pass the Licensed Customs Broker examination
  • Submit a Customs Broker License Application with appropriate fees
  • Be approved by the CBP
  • Keep your license current – payment of annual fees

What is on the Exam

The four-hour Customs Broker License Examination is an open book/open test with 80 multiple-choice questions based on designated editions of:

  • The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS)
  • Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations
  • Specified Customs Directives  (Current Directives posted on the CBP web site – Keyword: Directives)
  • Customs and Trade Automated Interface Requirements document (CATAIR)

Each applicant is responsible for bringing proof of registration, a picture identification, and the recommended reference materials to the examination.

For complete information on how to register and where to take the exam, visit the CBP website.

Preparing for the Licensed Customs Broker Test

The U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agency administers the licensing process for Licensed U.S. Customs Broker. To gain a license individuals must pass a written examination offered two times a year: The first Monday in April and the first Monday in October.

There are numerous ways to prepare for the examination that has CBP historic pass rate between 3% and 11%. It is not unusual for individuals to take the test several times before passing. There are cases where individuals have taken the test five times and decided to not take  it again. This should tell you  it takes  a TOTAL EFFORT on your part if you expect to pass. Here are several of the ways people prepare for the test.

  • Self-Study
  • Correspondence courses
  • Attend Crash courses
  • Online college saturation courses
  • Practice taking old LCB tests

Our school recommends a combination of the last two of these:

  • Online college saturation courses
  • Practice taking old LCB tests


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