Regulatory Trade Compliance Lawdsu_bachelordegree_itm_law

The Trade Compliance Law emphasis option within the BS in International Trade Management program is ideal for individuals who seek a well grounded and professionally significant education in the discipline of business, its practices, theories and policy, and want a thorough education in the application of U.S. trade compliance regulations , export controls and practices.

Courses within this program help prepare individuals to sit for the industry standard Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer® examination.

Career Objective

This degree helps prepare students for careers and advancement  in:

  • Export Control Departments within large and small organizations
  • Export Compliance Supervision
  • Export Controls Official
  • Compliance Officer
  • Trade Compliance Management
  • Import Compliance Supervision
  • Trade Compliance Auditor
  • Empowered Official
  • Trade Compliance Consultant
  • Homeland Security
  • International Trade Law Enforcement
  • U.S. Trade Compliance Regulatory Specialist
  • International Trade Compliance Anlyst 5
  • Corporate Governance
  • Ethics officer and oversight
  • General Management in all industries

Typically, individuals pursuing this degree are targeting management careers within or in support of the aerospace and defense industries or in organizations whose products and services require special consideration* when being exported or imported into the United States and other countries. People completing this degree are seeking to acquire practical management skills and understanding to aid them in their career advancement.

Course of Study

To earn this degree emphasis, students must complete the requirements shown below in addition to the General Education Requirement.

Bachelor Degree Requirements:

Total Semester Credits 121.5 credits

Comprised of:

  • 59.5 semester credits Degree Emphasis Courses
  • 62 semester credits General Education Courses

Student Profile

The typical student entering this program transfers in some college or military training credits earned in some cases decades earlier. Many currently work within the aerospace and defense industry in a trade compliance capacity and are pursuing their degree for personal reasons or to support job advancement. Students in this program range in age from mid-to late 20s to mid-to late 50s, with a median age of 38.



To complete the Trade Compliance law emphasis, the following courses are required:

Course Number Course Name
TRD 201 Exporting/Importing Environment
TRD 225 Documentation for the Global Marketplace
MGT 345 Organizational Behavior
SCM 202 21st Century International Logistics
MGT 335 Modern Management Principles
FAE 230 Business Accounting Concepts
FAE 302 Global Finance Methods
TRD 140 Importing:  Duties and Regulations
TRD 307 Understanding the Export Administration Regulations (EAR)
TRD 306 Understanding ITAR:  (International Traffic in Arms Regulations)
TRD 311 Documentation for U.S. Export Compliance
TRD 320 Ethics in Trade Compliance
BUS 401 Global Culture
BUS 403 International Marketing
MGT 402 Global Strategic Management
FAE 450 International Economics
SCM 125 Port Authority:  A Critical Element of the Supply Chain
BUS 404 Researching the Global Village
BUS 405 Global Business Plan