The Management emphasis option within the BS in International Trade Management program prepares individuals for a wide range of careers in the dynamic world of modern management within the global landscape of business today. In addition to gaining a solid preparation in business practices, management theories and policy, students gain a critical global perspective on managing business dependent on the globalization of markets in the 21st century.


Career Objective

This degree helps prepare students for careers in:

  • Small Companies
  • Retail Businesses
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Multinational Companies
  • General Management roles across many industries
  • International Business Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Management trainee in large companies

Course of Study

Students must complete a minimum of 121.5 semester credit hours to meet the Bachelor Degree Requirements, including the general and specialty emphasis requirements shown below.

Total Semester Credits 121.5 credits

Comprised of:

  • 62 General Education Course semester credits
  • 59.5 semester credits Degree Emphasis Courses.


Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
BUS 102 Introduction to Business 3.0
BUS 113 Topics in Contemporary Business 3.0
MGT 335 Modern Management Principles 3.0
FAE 230 Business Accounting Concepts 3.0
FAE 302 Global Finance Methods 3.0
STM 160 Statistics in Business 3.0
STM 385 Information Systems in a Global Business 3.0
MGT 445 Human Resource Management 3.0
BUS 440 Legal Environment of Business 3.0
BUS 303 International Business Ethics 3.0
BUS 401 Global Culture 3.0
MGT 402 Global Strategic Management 4.0
BUS 403 Global Marketing 3.0
FAE 450 International Economics 4.0
BUS 111 Customer Service Basics 1.5
BUS 404 Researching the Global Village 4.0
BUS 405 Global Business 4.0
Total Number of Credits