Associate of Arts in Business Administration Degree (AABA)

The Associate of Arts in Business Administration degree (AABA) supports student’s efforts to build practical career enhancing skills within a sound theoretical framework of business administration.

The AABA was designed by academic and business leaders to help students build a solid foundation in business administration processes and develop strengths across multiple disciplines.

Career Objectives

  • Entry-level management position
  • Small Business Management
  • Retail Management Trainee
  • General Business

Business Administration Courses

Students enrolled in the AABA program must complete the following 18 Semester credit hours of business administration coursework plus 6 Semester credit hours of Electives to meet the degree requirements:

  • BUS-102: Introduction to Business
  • BUS-118: Introduction to Business Writing
  • BUS-113: Topics in Contemporary Business
  • MGT-135: Introduction to Leadership
  • FAE-230: Business Accounting
  • FAE-263: Introduction to Microeconomics

Elective Requirement

Students must also complete 6 additional Semester credit hours from any of the 100- or 200-level TRD, BUS, MGT, SCM courses offered by Dunlap-Stone University to fulfill this requirement. Generally 300- or 400- level courses may be taken to meet this requirement with university advance approval.

General Education Courses

Students within the AABA program must demonstrate their mastery of the general education core competencies through the satisfactory completion of the following general education requirements.  Students will complete 36 hours of general education courses, including those listed below.

Communication and Composition

(6 credit hours)

  • HAS-103: Critical Thinking and Analysis (required)
  • HAS-105: Writing Across the Curriculum (required)


(Select 6 credit hours from below)

  • STM-108: Introduction to Mathematics I
  • STM-109: Introduction to Mathematics II
  • STM-160: Introduction to Statistics

Arts and Humanities

(Select 12 credit hours from below)

  • HAS-191: Introduction to Theatre History
  • HAS-170: Introduction to World Religions
  • HAS-184: Introduction to the Short Story
  • HAS-240: Shakespeare I
  • HAS-198: Introduction to the Humanities

Social Sciences

(Select 6 credit hours from below)

  • HAS-151: Introduction to American Government
  • HAS-270: Introduction to Anthropology
  • HAS-132: Introduction to Psychology
  • HAS-188: Introduction to the Revolutionary War
  • HAS-260: Terrorism in the 21st Century

Science and Technology

(Select 3 credit hours from below)

  • STM-106: Computing Essentials
  • STM-385: Information Systems

Physical Science

(Select 3 credit hours from below)

  • STM-171: Introduction to Physical Science
  • STM-175: Introduction to Earth Science
  • STM-280: Introduction to Ecology

Note: Program requirements are subject to change. Please consult your offer of admission to review the requirements at the time of your acceptance into the program.