Export Compliance Audit

Export Compliance Audit


Course Description:

This advanced six-week online course examines the topic of auditing the trade compliance effort of an organization. Any organization, large or small, bound by the U.S. Government’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations or Export Administration Regulations or other regulations may find the concepts and topics reviewed in this course helpful in determining its own disciplined and unique audit methods and processes. In this course, “best practices” are reviewed and case studies are examined as the student determines practical solutions to real-life organizational issues and then assembles an audit process designed to meet his or her organization’s needs. As a final project, students develop a mock audit using the concepts from this course.

There is no one “best practice” or one size fits all auditing process. Organizations perform audits for many reasons, use an independent auditor or may perform periodic audits using internal resources for various reasons. This course reviews the diverse options and processes that may be helpful to organizations seeking to monitor and audit their trade compliance effort.

Note This is a law-related elective course is intended for experienced practicing international trade compliance professionals who need to apply a disciplined approach to designing and conducting an export compliance audit.


  • Understanding the ITAR (TRD-306)
  • Understanding the EAR (TRD-307)
  • Export Compliance Documentation (TRD-311)
  • Mastering ITAR Exemptions (TRD-308)
  • Agreements under the ITAR (TRD-299)
  • Ethics in Trade Compliance (TRD-320)

Are required prerequisite courses.

Course Credit: 3 Credit Hours