North American Trade Agreements: USMCA

North American Trade Agreements: USMCA


Course Description:

Updates: This course has been revised and updated to reflect the updates to NAFTA through the USMCA. This legislation is still rolling out, but this course will cover the updates to the US/Mexico/Canada agreement.

This course examines the rules and criteria of NAFTA, and preparation of the NAFTA Certificate of Origin. It is an intermediate-level course that also explores free trade agreements in general and other special arrangements, but focuses on those of the United States and specifically on NAFTA  Exposure to the U.S.-Chile FTA, the U.S.-Israel FTA, and the Generalized System of Preferences are included. Annex 401 (HTUSA General Note 12) is explored in detail.

Prerequisite: None.  Workplace experience with the HTSUSA preferred.

Course Credit: 3 Credit Hours