Introduction to The Revolutionary War

Introduction to The Revolutionary War


Course Description:

In this six-week course, students examine four key historic engagements in US military history, the eras in which they took place, key figures associated with the battles and the long-term effects of each that became turning points not just in military history but world history. Students master basic relevant terminology and symbology. Students learn the causes and outcomes of each battle, and how these events shaped the military in the world today. This course helps student develop an analytical framework to examine conflict throughout modern history and throughout the world.

This elective course, which examines U.S. Revolutionary War events, helps students fill the general broad education degree credit requirement. It does not advocate war or military might. IIEI offers the course simply as an elective that may be of interest to individuals worldwide that may have an interest in world history and events that have shaped the world of today.

Prerequisite: None

Course Credit: 3 Credit Hours