Researching the Global Village

Researching the Global Village


Course Description:

In this six-week Online applied-research course, students demonstrate their understanding of the course material by individually assuming the role of an Export/Import Manager who is seeking a new international market for his/her firm’s product(s). This is part one of the student’s capstone project. The research techniques designed and demonstrated in this course, and knowledge learned in earlier courses are applied toward answering this real world export/import problem.

Global Marketing Research Project: Using the company’s internal and external strategic situation analysis completed in the course: Global Strategic Management (MGT-402), each student designs a research strategy aimed at providing the information necessary to complete an actual Import/Export Plan in the final course,Global Export Plan (BUS-405). Much of the effort put forth in this course comes to fruition in the final course as the raw data and key issues uncovered here become woven in the final course into a focused, practical strategy for the firm’s global success.


Exporting/ Importing Environment TRD-201
Global Logistics (SCM-202)
Global Strategic Management (MGT-402)
Global Culture (BUS-401)
Global Marketing (BUS-403)

Course Credit: 4 Credit Hours