History of Dunlap-Stone University

The tradition of learning and enlightenment embodied by Dunlap-Stone University (DSU) reaches back to the beginning of the 20th century when a young school teacher, Sue Marie Stone, a new graduate of the Northwestern Oklahoma Teachers College (now NW Oklahoma State University) accepted a position as the sole teacher in a one-room school house in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. She brought with her a love of learning and shared her passion with the children of early settlers in their remote and isolated community. While still a teacher, she married Emmett Merle Dunlap, a civil engineer on assignment in Wyoming, who designed and built bridges and dams for the U.S. Corps of Engineers across the western U.S. Their union began a partnership for life, fostering a passion for learning and knowledge in their children and grandchildren, one of whom is the founder of the International Import-Export Institute, Dr. Donald N Burton.

Founded in 1995 as the International Import-Export Institute (IIEI), the school’s name was changed to Dunlap-Stone University in January 2008 to more accurately reflect our new broader mission. The university is proud of its heritage and is pleased that International Import-Export Institute became the name of our international business school. The Graduate Law Center was added in 2013.

With this rich history, DSU will continue the tradition of bringing education to those normally considered too distant or remote to receive a quality education. DSU resolves to serve as the bedrock for life-long learning and higher education to people throughout the world who thirst for knowledge. Through its various embodied schools and programs, DSU seeks to offer a wide variety of disciplined distance learning programs.