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Trade Compliance & Supply Chain Courses

The International Import-Export Institute at Dunlap-Stone University offers a wide array of international trade courses to meet your certification, degree program or training needs.

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Compliance Related Courses
TRD 060 U.S. Export Compliance for non-U.S. Companies
TRD 145 Security & Awareness: Practices for Int’l Trade Professionals
TRD 214 Trade Compliance Environment I
TRD 215 Trade Compliance Environment II
TRD 216 Trade Compliance Environment III
TRD 225 Documentation for the Global Village
TRD 257 Empowered Official Essentials
TRD 299 Agreements Under the ITAR
TRD 306 Understanding ITAR
TRD 307 Understanding EAR
TRD 308 Mastering ITAR Exemptions
TRD 309 Commerce License Exceptions
TRD 311 Export Compliance Documentation Course
TRD 312 ITAR Appreciation for Senior Executives
TRD 314 Dual Use Export Compliance
TRD 315 Deemed Exports
TRD 317 Introduction to FCPA
TRD 318 Introduction to OFAC Regulations
TRD 319 Managing Disclosures
TRD 320 Ethics in Trade Compliance
TRD 321 The Harmonized Tariff Schedule
TRD 322 NAFTA & other Free Trade Agreements
TRD 330 Export Compliance Audit
TRD 331 University Export Compliance Environment
Importing Related Courses
TRD 129 Importing
TRD 140 Importing: Duties and Regulations
TRD 141 Incoterms 2010
TRD 143 Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
TRD 304 US Customs Broker’s Exam Prep Course
TRD 365 Ethics in Importing Compliance
TRD 366 Topics in Import Management
Compliance Outside the U.S.
TRD 323 Australia Defence Trade Control & Compliance
TRD 324 Canada Export Controls
TRD 325 UK Export Control Regulations
TRD 350 PRC Export Controls Overview
General Trade Related Courses
BUS 118 Introduction To Business Writing
SCM 127 Freight Forwarder Practices
TRD 201 Exporting/Importing Environment
SCM 202 21st Century International Logistics
HAS 260 Terrorism in the 21st Century
BUS 303 International Business Ethics
SCM 376 Purchasing in the Global Marketplace
SCM 379 Warehousing in a Global Economy
STM 385 Information Systems in Global Business
STM 412 Global Supply Chain Strategies


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