DSU Policies

DSU Policies – DSU Refund Policy

Textbook And Merchandise Return Policy

Any books or merchandise directly purchased directly from IIEI/DSU*, may, within 30 days of purchase, only be returned for credit when the following requirements are present:

  • The product is un-opened (if shrink-wrapped or sealed the product must be still sealed)
  • Looks new and does not show any signs of wear or usage
  • The text is a current edition that is still being used for current IIEI/DSU classes
  • Student pays for return mail costs

All book and merchandise returns will be subject to a 25% re-stocking fee

* This excludes purchases of IIEI/DSU textbooks or materials purchased through a third party vendor (ie: Amazon).

Shipping Policy

Shipping Fees are non-refundable. IIEI/DSU will not refund shipping fees once the order has been processed and shipped unless a shipment was made in error by IIEI/DSU.

Any Service Fees are not refundable.

Test Fees

Test Fees are non-refundable. However, a credit will be issued that may be used within two years of the test date for which the fees were paid towards taking the test—even if the test fees increase during that period.

Merchant Returned Check Fee

A fee of $ 25.00 is accessed all returned checks that do not clear our bank for whatever reason. In the event of a returned check, all future orders must be paid in the form of credit card, money order or cashiers check. Failure to make payment for a returned check will result in a “hold” being placed on the student for which the purchase applies. In this instance, no further classes may be taken, grades will be withheld until payment in full is received.

Online Payment Reversal Fee

In the event that a student or third-party has submitted a tuition payment using IIEI/DSU’s Online Store and want it reversed, a refund by check is the method that will be used. Reversing the credit card creates an additional cost and does not provide an adequate documentation trail. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Special Order Items

Any Items that have been discontinued or that were special ordered (such as dated U.S. Customs Regulations)are not eligible for a refund. IIEI/DSU reserves the right to amend this policy without notification.

Return Authorization Number

No goods or services may be returned or cancelled without a Return Authorization Number.


DSU Tuition Refund Policy: (Updated 3-20-13)

Tuition refunds and course withdrawals are calculated based on our accrediting body’s, DETC, standards and state licensing regulations.

Students may convey to the school their desire to cancel/withdraw from a course in any manner. When they do so, they will immediately be provided with DSU’s Course Withdrawal Form. Once completed it should promptly be submitted electronically, or through written correspondence using the U.S. Mail or fax, back to the school. The form completes the cancellation process and begins the refund process when applicable. The date DSU receives this completed form serves as the official withdrawal date.

The Refund Process

The date DSU receives your withdrawal request (via the Course Withdrawal Form) is the official cancellation date for documentation and refund purposes. Confirmation of your request will be sent to the email address listed on your student account. If you do not receive a confirmation email of the college’s receipt of your cancellation, you should contact your Enrollment Advisor immediately.  Your advisor can help you obtain written confirmation of our receipt of your request. Any money due the student will be refunded within 30 days of the cancellation request date.

A student who cancels/withdrawals within five days of enrolling, but before the start of class, will receive a refund of all money paid to the institution. Beginning five days after registration, but before the start of class, a non-refundable 20% administrative fee ($186.00 for a 6 week course) will be assessed on all cancellations (not to exceed $200 per degree program).  Once a class has started, the date of receipt of the cancellation request is the date used to determine the refundable tuition amount percentage. Refundable tuition is the total course tuition MINUS the administrative fee.

If the student enrolls in two or more courses at one time, each course must be treated separately for the purposes of calculating any refundable tuition to the student. For example, a student enrolls in three distinct three-credit courses, but completes only part of one course, the student is entitled to a full refund on the remaining two courses that had not yet begun.

The table below sets out the percentage of tuition that will be refunded to students who complete only part of a course.


Published Length of Course:

Six Week Course

Refundable Tuition Amount Due*

After Week 1 – 70%

After Week 2 – 40%

After Week 3 – 20%

After Week 4 – 0%

Three Week Course

Refundable Tuition Amount Due*

After Week 1 – 40%

After Week 2 – 0%

Nine Week Course

Refundable Tuition Amount Due*

After Week One – 80%

After Week Two – 60%

After Week Three – 40%

After Week Four – 20%

After Week Five – 0%

*Refundable Tuition Due: Refundable tuition is the total course tuition minus the Registration fee** multiplied by the refund percentage.

**The Administrative  fee is 20% of the course tuition, or $200, whichever is less (not to exceed $200 per degree program)

DSU Student Reschedule Policies

Student Eligibility for a Requested Reschedule to Another Class:

Students completing this form are applying to be moved from one course to another with no monetary or academic penalty. The following conditions must be met:

a) The student must have a confirmed and completed enrollment for the course which they want to be removed. All monies, documentation and conditions of enrollment must be met for the original course or program registration.

b) The student must request and complete all steps of the reschedule process no less than 10 business days (2 weeks) before the original class start date. Reschedules are not permitted after this deadline, or after the start of the class. This includes the following requirements of the student by the deadline:

1. Written request for a reschedule sent to the advisor

2. Submission of a complete ‘Reschedule Request Form’ to DSU/IIEI

3. New registration for the future course start date

c)  The student’s method of payment for the original course must be approved, and the method of payment must be transferable to the new registration. This policy excludes corporate voucher systems or methods of payment which are course and start date specific. Students who cannot transfer the method of payment or the received funds must withdraw and re-enroll for a future date. Students must defer to employer policy in such situations.

d)  Students may not reschedule more than three (3) times in their academic career with IIEI, and may not reschedule the same course more than twice (2 times) . As per our official refund policy, Reschedule Option: This option is only available prior to the standard registration deadline of two  (2) weeks (10 business days) prior to the class start date. In lieu of a refund, during this period, a student may request to reschedule their current course to a future start date. All tuition and fees, if not already paid, are due in full at the time of this request, and this tuition credit will be applied to the future start date. The tuition credit can only be applied to any future class of equal or lesser value within one (1) year from issue date. No refunds are permitted whatsoever after a credit has been issued.

e) Any reschedule requests beyond this point will be denied and the student will be expected to follow the DSU/ IIEI policy to withdraw from the class.


Special Course Offerings

There is no refund or credit for special course offerings after the registration deadline of one week prior to the course start date.

A special course offering is any course scheduled to meet industry or government scheduling or special use, or is a private course offering, or has very limited seating. Please contact IIEI/DSU for a current listing of special course offerings.

Once a student has paid the tuition and the final registration deadline has passed for the special course offering, there are no refunds unless the course is canceled by IIEI/DSU.

Cancellations may occur as a result of low enrollment or other circumstances that prohibit the class from proceeding.