Military Discount Program

Dunlap-Stone University (DSU) thanks military service members for their service by offering all current and former US military personnel and their immediate family members* a discount to offset the costs of attending DSU.

All active duty, reservists, National Guard, retired and honorably-discharged personnel, regardless of their era of service, including Vietnam Veterans, qualify for Dunlap-Stone’s Military Discount.

This program reduces course tuition by 25%, making quality, accredited distance education and learning programs more attainable for those who have served.

*While current and former service members may use this discount to take part in any of Dunlap-Stone University’s online programs, immediate family members of qualifying veterans may apply the Military discount to DSU’s degree-granting online programs only. Please contact an enrollment counselor to discuss requirements and conditions.

To learn more about the DSU Military Discount, please send us an email or call (800) 474-8013. A guidance counselor will be happy to assist you.

Requirements and Conditions: To qualify for this discount, discounting the total tuition charged to the student by 25%-off the standard published tuition cost, individuals (or their immediate family member as defined below) must have honorably served in any branch of the United States military. Proof of service is required.

For Service Members: Former and active duty service members may apply the discount to any course or program offered by DSU.

For Service Member Family Members: The discount is available to immediate family members of eligible service members and veterans. To qualify family members must apply and be accepted into one of DSU’s degree-granting programs. Immediate family member is defined as spouse, and children of a service member or veteran. Children are not required to be dependents to qualify.

Provide Proof of Service: Currently active duty service members must provide a current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) showing their duty status. Honorably discharged veterans must provide a copy of their DD-214 as proof of veteran status.

Participation in DSU’s Military Discount program is a benefit offered by the university in addition to any and all other education benefits a service members or veterans may qualify for or take part in. The discount may be used in addition to Veteran’s benefits or active duty Tuition Assistance, or if an employer is funding or reimbursing tuition costs. The discount is non-transferable to other institutions, and is not a rebate or a refund.

Service Member Responsibility: It is the individual’s responsibility to determine their initial eligibility for DSU’s Discount Program and to take the steps to obtain the discount. Information about the program is provided on DSU’s web site (in the Military section), periodically written about in the GlobalWatch® newsletter (the official publication of the university), and announced in IIEI Global Updates (emailed to all prospective and current students). While DSU Counselors and Advisors discuss benefits and enrollment criteria for university programs, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to inform the university of their military service status, or that of a qualifying family member to qualify for DSU’s Military Discount program.

Application and Granting of the Discount: Discount awards are not automatic. To qualify, the Discount Application must be completed and submitted to the University with documented proof of active duty or veteran status. Discount tuition reductions take effect once DSU’s staff processes the application, verifies the status of the individual and awards the discount. The discount is not retroactive to any courses taken before the discount was awarded and may only be applied to enrollments processed after the award date. When enrolling in any course of study, it is the student’s responsibility to inform their Advisor or Counselor of their discount status. Students participating in the discount program cannot not register or pay online. Discount recipients must register and pay tuition through their Advisor or Counselor to apply discount funds to their enrollments. The discount, once awarded, is continuous for students who maintain active enrollment status.