Vocational Programs

Building Job Skills & Abilities – Valued Worldwide

With thousands of different job titles in international trade today, and more being created each year as the global marketplace;ace matures, it is important that workers possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to fill those jobs  The university’s vocational education programs were developed working closely with industry to meet this need. Our programs offer short-term job readiness solutions, providing valuable skills and credentials that enhance the value of workers to employers.

Dunlap-Stone University’s accredited, vocational training certificate programs t are ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their value to employers or perhaps change their career path to be part of the huge growth in global trade.   The university’s trade marked Professionally Significant Degrees® concept applies equally to our vocational programs.

The programs also can aid students in preparing for specific industry certification examinations offered by IIEI Certification, such as the Certified U.S. Export Compliance officer® (CUSECO) and Certified ITAR Professional® (CIP).  For more on professional international trade industry certifications offered by IIEI Certification.

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 Vocational Training Programs

These programs were developed to prepare individuals for specific sets of jobs and success across the wide expanse of international trade occupations. The university’s certificate programs meet the requirements for most states’ workforce development & employment training program requirements. Contact your individual state  agency to determine availability.

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“Open Enrollment” into Vocational Programs

Without applying for entry into the university, you can enroll today in most courses at the university, if you meet the school’s General Admissions Requirements and course prerequisites.

Classes start regularly year round, with some courses being offered more frequently than others. Check with an enrollment Advisor for class start-dates or visit our Classes Starting Soon section on this web site.

Which vocation program is right for you and your career?

Having trouble deciding? Call and speak with a courteous enrollment advisor about our programs.

Because all of the courses offered are accredited college courses, should you decide to enroll, you can apply them to either a certificate,  Associates or Bachelors degree at our school. Ask an Advisor for more details.

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