BS-HCA Course Of Study

BS-HCA Degree Programdsu_bachelordegree_hca_courses

The university worked closely with industry leaders to ensure that the knowledge and skills contained in this program not only job skills in demand by today’s employers but also capabilities that will help build successful careers. 


Course of Study

The course of study shown below is in addition to completing the General Education requirements.



Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
HCA-133 Introduction to Public Health 3
BUS-118 Business Writing 3 (GE)
HAS-103 Critical Thinking and Analysis 3 (GE)
BUS-113 Topics in Contemporary Business 3
STM-160 Business Statistics 3 (GE)
FAE-230 Business Accounting 3
HAS-132 Introduction to Psychology 3 (GE)
MGT-135 Leadership Fundamentals 3
HCA-307 Community Based Health Organizations 3
HCA-310 Health Care Communication 3
HCA-240 Health Care Operations Management 3
HCA-230 Health Care Management 3
MGT-445 Human Resource Management 3
STM-385 Information Systems in Business 3
HCA-260 Financial Management of Health Care 3
HCA-420 Health Care Marketing 3
HCA-311 Critical Issues in Health Care 3
HCA-434 Law and Ethics in Medical Organizations 3
HCA-402 Research in Health Care Administration 3
MGT-402 Global Strategic Management 4


GE= General education requirement